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LunchEAZE: The Self-Heating Lunchbox



Quality design, quality construction.

With the food container inserted,
7.25″ x 5.75″ x 4.5″
Weighs 2.6 lbs

Food Container
304 Stainless Steel | BPA Free | Dishwasher Safe | Do Not Microwave | 850mL

Food Lid
Polypropylene w/ Silicone seal | BPA Free | Dishwasher Safe

ABS and Nylon plastics | BPA Free | Do Not Microwave or use Dishwasher

Lithium Ion Battery:
8.4V |  8,000 mAh capacity |UL-1642, UL-2054, UN-38.3| Last 2.5 Hours (one hot meal)

9V | 5A | USA-Style Outlet

Android and Apple iOS | Requires Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth Module FCC ID: 2AB6YHM1011V1

7.25英寸x 5.75英寸x 4.5英寸

304不锈钢| BPA免费| 洗碗机安全| 不要微波炉| 850毫升

聚丙烯,带硅胶密封圈| BPA免费| 洗碗机安全

ABS和尼龙塑料| BPA免费| 请勿使用微波炉或使用洗碗机

8.4V | 容量8,000 mAh | UL-1642,UL-2054,UN-38.3 | 最近2.5小时(一份热餐)

9V | 5A | 美国风格的插座

Android和Apple iOS 需要蓝牙4.0

蓝牙模块FCC ID:2AB6YHM1011V1

LunchEAZE: The Cordless, Automatic, Self-Heated Lunchbox.

Rethink your meals with LunchEAZE. (Available in 36 Color Combinations!)
Rethink your meals with LunchEAZE. (Available in 36 Color Combinations!)

Rethink the way you bring meals to work, school, or on the go.


LunchEAZE is a completely cordless, self-heated lunchbox that automatically heats your food anywhere you are, according to your schedule.

  • Pack your food in the removable food container. Even frozen meals will heat up just fine.
  • Use the mobile app to input a meal time (or skip the app and use the on-device buttons)
  • Forget about it, LunchEAZE will automatically heat your food, and it’ll be ready when your mealtime comes around. No cords, no hassle.


  • 将食物包装在可移动的食物容器中。 即使是冷冻食品也可以加热。
  • 使用移动应用输入用餐时间(或跳过该应用并使用设备上的按钮)
  • LunchEAZE会自动为您加热食物,当您的用餐时间到来时就可以准备好了。 没有电线,没有麻烦。

Leave LunchEAZE in your desk, backpack, car, truck, or locker– It’s powered with an internal battery pack, and will heat your food up no matter where you are.

It comes with a custom fitted insulated bag, with a separate compartment for drinks, fruits, utensils, etc. The bag is designed specifically to help LunchEAZE retain and maximize its heat, and keeps the second compartment insulated.



The best part? We’re well into this project, and almost ready for production. But, we NEED your help to fund the molds, equipment, certifications, and materials for the first batch to get the ball rolling. Design is done, testing is done, now its time for production. Also, we’ve got prototypes in all our videos and photos, we tried to get them as close to the real thing a possible, and the final models will have a bit more polish!

最好的部分? 我们已经做好了这个项目的准备,几乎可以投入生产了。 但是,我们需要您的帮助来为首批滚球的模具,设备,认证和材料提供资金。 设计已经完成,测试已经完成,现在是生产时间。 此外,我们所有的视频和照片中都有原型,我们试图使它们尽可能接近真实的事物,最终的模型将更加精致!

We’ll be updating this campaign throughout the month to post pictures of new parts as they come in!

Completely Cordless and Truly Portable | Hot Food Anywhere
Completely Cordless and Truly Portable | Hot Food Anywhere

Hassle Free Heating- but how does it work? 

The key feature of LunchEAZE is the automatic self-heating. You tell LunchEAZE when you’d like to eat, and it’ll have your food hot and ready by then, automatically. No cords, no hassle, just hot food- anywhere, anytime.

LunchEAZE的主要功能是自动自加热。 您可以在午餐时间告诉LunchEAZE,它会自动将食物加热并准备就绪。 随时随地,没有电线,没有麻烦,只有热食。

LunchEAZE is programmed to auto-start heating your food 2 hours before your inputted meal time. That gives it enough time to ensure even frozen foods reach maximum temperatures (typically around 160°F-175°F).

It doesn’t heat fast, but it starts automatically– it’s like a portable slow cooker. Set your meal time when you pack your food, and LunchEAZE will take care of the rest.

LunchEAZE被编程为在您输入的进餐时间之前2小时自动开始加热食物。 这样便有足够的时间来确保均匀的冷冻食品达到最高温度(通常约为160°F-175°F)。

它不会快速加热,但会自动启动-就像便携式慢炖锅一样。 打包食物时设定用餐时间,LunchEAZE将负责其余的工作。

We’ve designed a proprietary heating and control system inside LunchEAZE that enables us to generate high heat for extended periods of time efficiently. It doesn’t use any microwaves, chemicals, or any materials that can leech gasses or other harmful emissions. Everything is BPA free and lead free, even the internal components that didn’t need to be.

We know batteries can be scary sometimes, which is why we went with Lithium Ion, not the more volatile Lithium Polymer, and our battery packs and chargers are UL certified for safety.

我们在LunchEAZE内部设计了专有的加热和控制系统,使我们能够长时间有效地产生大量热量。 它不使用任何微波,化学药品或任何可能渗出气体或其他有害排放物的材料。 一切都是无BPA和无铅的,甚至包括不需要的内部组件。


Full Feature List
Full Feature List

See how easy using LunchEAZE is:

Step 1: Load and Latch your meal.

LunchEAZE features removable food containers, to make preparing and packing your meals a breeze. It’s stainless steel, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. We’ll sell these separately too, so you can pre-pack your meals in advance (#MealPrepSunday anybody?).

Even frozen meals can be dropped right in, and they’ll come out hot and ready. For best results though, we do recommend packing frozen meals with an hour or two to defrost, and to use the included insulated bag!

LunchEAZE具有可移动的食物容器,使您轻松准备饭菜和打包饭菜。 它是不锈钢,不含BPA,并且可以使用洗碗机清洗。 我们也将单独出售这些食品,因此您可以提前预包装餐(任何人都可以#MealPrepSunday吗?)。

即使是冷冻食品也可以直接放入,它们会热腾腾地准备就绪。 为了获得最佳效果,我们建议将冷冻食品包装一两个小时以解冻,并使用随附的保温袋!

Load, Latch, and Go. Even works with frozen foods.
Load, Latch, and Go. Even works with frozen foods.
Meal Prep Friendly, With all BPA-Free Materials
Meal Prep Friendly, With all BPA-Free Materials

Step 2: Input a meal time.

Use the LunchEAZE app (or, skip the app and use the buttons on the device manually), and set up a meal time. Tell your LunchEAZE when you’d like to eat, and it will automatically start heating 2 hours earlier than your mealtime.

This ensures that LunchEAZE heats any type of food up sufficiently. Different foods heat up at different speeds, but those differences become less significant over time, so we went with a 2 hour slow-cooker approach. By the time you’re ready to eat, your food will be hot and ready.

The app will be available on Android and iOS, and requires a phone with Bluetooth 4.0 (if you’ve got any phone made after 2011, you’re probably good).

使用LunchEAZE应用程序(或跳过该应用程序并手动使用设备上的按钮),并设置用餐时间。 如果您想吃午餐,请告诉您的LunchEAZE,它将在您用餐之前2小时自动开始供暖。

这样可以确保LunchEAZE充分加热任何类型的食物。 不同的食物以不同的速度加热,但是随着时间的推移,这些差异变得不那么明显,因此我们采用了2小时的慢炖锅方法。 到您准备吃饭时,您的食物就会变热并且准备就绪。


Tell LunchEAZE when you'd like to eat, and it'll take care of the rest.
Tell LunchEAZE when you’d like to eat, and it’ll take care of the rest.
Use the app OR the manual buttons on the device itself.
Use the app OR the manual buttons on the device itself.

Step 3: Forget About It.

LunchEAZE will take care of your food for you, automatically. Leave it in your bag, desk, locker, car or truck, and LunchEAZE will heat up according to the meal time you inputted.

LunchEAZE将自动为您提供食物。 将其放在包,书桌,储物柜,汽车或卡车中,LunchEAZE会根据您输入的用餐时间变热。

LunchEAZE goes where you go, and heats up anywhere.
LunchEAZE goes where you go, and heats up anywhere.

How hot will your food be getting in that time? Check out the data:

In the 2 hours prior to lunchtime, LunchEAZE is hard at work getting your food ready.
In the 2 hours prior to lunchtime, LunchEAZE is hard at work getting your food ready.

This is an average of a couple different types of food (pastas, rice and meat, soups), collected while LunchEAZE is in the included insulated bag. The insulated bag usually adds about 10°F to most foods.

这是午餐盒装在随附的保温袋中时收集的几种不同类型食物(意大利面,米饭和肉类,汤)的平均值。 隔热袋通常会增加大多数食物的温度约10°F。

Step 4: Eat at your own pace

LunchEAZE continues heating your food for an additional 30 minutes while you eat it. No matter how slow you enjoy your food, it’ll stay hot to the last bite.

Hot food over cold seas, miles from a microwave or an outlet.
Hot food over cold seas, miles from a microwave or an outlet.

It’s got 2.5 hours of battery life. That’s enough for one meal to be automatically heated, and about 30 minutes of additional heating time to keep food hot while you enjoy it. Charge the battery with the included DC wall charger (takes about 5.5 hours to reach a full charge).

Our Lithium Ion Battery is UN38.3 Certified for safe transport and shipping, and UL2054 certified to ensure safe operation.

电池续航时间为2.5小时。 这足以使一顿饭自动加热,并有大约30分钟的额外加热时间,使您在享受美食的同时保持热量。 用随附的DC壁式充电器为电池充电(大约需要5.5个小时才能充满电)。


See here for full specifications.

How is LunchEAZE different?

Cordless | Intelligent | Colorful

无绳| 智能| 七彩

1) We’re the only cordless heated lunchbox out there. We don’t believe something qualifies as a “lunchbox” if it needs to be plugged in. LunchEAZE truly enables you to eat a hot meal anywhere you are.

2) LunchEAZE is the only heated lunchbox (including the plug-in varieties) that automatically starts to heat your food up according to a schedule. You don’t need to come by and press “start” a few hours before lunch, just set it and forget it with LunchEAZE. It’s got built-in temperature sensors, and features automatic overheat responses for safety when unattended.

3)LunchEAZE comes in 36 different color combinations! That’s 6 different base colors, and 6 different lid colors. With the app, you can even customize the on-screen name and message.

1)我们是那里唯一的无绳加热饭盒。 我们不认为需要插入的东西就可以称为“午餐盒”。LunchEAZE确实使您可以在任何地方吃热饭。

2)LunchEAZE是唯一的加热式便当盒(包括插入式便当盒),可根据计划自动开始加热食物。 您不需要在午餐前几个小时就按“开始”键,只需将它设置好,然后用LunchEAZE忘记它即可。 它具有内置温度传感器,并具有自动过热响应功能,以确保无人值守时的安全。

3)LunchEAZE提供36种不同的颜色组合! 那是6种不同的基础颜色和6种不同的盖子颜色。 使用该应用程序,您甚至可以自定义屏幕名称和消息。

Every LunchEAZE comes with a custom-fitted insulated bag. Check out Campaign Update #2 for details!
Every LunchEAZE comes with a custom-fitted insulated bag. Check out Campaign Update #2 for details!

Customization Options:

The LunchEAZE App gives you full control and monitoring of the device. It even gives you the ability to customize your LunchEAZE with a personalized name or message to appear on screen. Leave a personal message, like “Mom loves you”, or your phone number.

Use the app to customize the name and message that appears on screen
Use the app to customize the name and message that appears on screen

We wanted to make sure everyone would love their LunchEAZE, so we created 36 different color combinations. The base comes in 6 colors, and the lid comes in a different 6 colors.

Explore the color options with our product builder

Comes in 36 Different Color Combinations
Comes in 36 Different Color Combinations

Where We Are Today:

LunchEAZE is on track to launch in Spring 2019! We’re aiming to ship in May, and most things look lined up to get that done. The primary things we’re waiting on now are the safety certifications and major mold tooling, and then we’ve got to build your orders.

The key aspects of design and validation are already complete, and now we’re making the final push to launch the production-ready models. We eat our lunches out of prototype models every day!

We’ve been working since the start of 2018, and took it all one step at a time. Building up from initial prototypes, we’ve been using our manufacturing experience to design a product that we know can be built and sustained at high volumes. We’ll be pushing for our May goal, but if anything comes up, we plan to be open and clear about it. Reach out to me personally at info@luncheaze.com with any questions or concerns.

LunchEAZE's Year in Development
LunchEAZE’s Year in Development
  • Physical/Mechanical Design: Complete!
  • Design Validation and Testing: Complete!
  • App Development: Complete!
  • App Publishing: Expected in March– finalizing some UI changes
  • Website: Complete! Check it out 
  • Electronic Design: Complete!
  • PCB Prototype Fabrication: Complete!
  • PCB Final Fabrication: Expected March
  • Plastics Tooling and Equipment: Needs Funding
  • Material Cost for First Batch: Needs Funding
  • Safety Certifications: Needs Funding

Who We Are:

We’re a team of engineers that form our company, ReliantEMS Corp, located in Fremont, California. We got our start about 10 years ago, and we’ve been doing complex manufacturing and engineering consultation services since then. We work with major companies to manufacture all manner of products, from chip testing equipment to medical devices to environmental gas analyzers. We’re ISO 9001:2015 certified too!

We specialize in product manufacturing and support, that’s what our company does. We know exactly what needs to be done to build devices at production volumes, but we don’t have the capital to get this project through the last phases before getting into the hands of consumers. 

Now, we’re pivoting towards manufacturing our OWN products. LunchEAZE is our first major consumer project, and we’re turning towards the Kickstarter community to help us make this a reality.

Why Kickstarter?

In order to make LunchEAZE take the final step from prototype to production model, we simply need the final capital, and we want to develop a community of users excited about the product, so that we can deliver to your needs.

Our crowdfunding goal will go towards the tooling of our injection molds to produce the plastic parts, safety testing with national safety labs to meet standards and regulations for consumer products, and the costs of producing the initial batch of products to get the ball rolling.



  • One LunchEAZE base in any color, and one LunchEAZE lid in any color
  • One stainless steel container
  • One charger
  • One battery
  • One insulated carrying bag

This includes LunchEAZE’s that are in bundles, like the Family Pack (comes with 4x of everything listed above)

Please note that the photos you see are prototypes! There are lots of detail improvements in the final versions. Expect photo updates a few days after launch!

After the campaign concludes, all of our backers will receive an email with a coupon code in it. If you use that coupon code AND provide the same email address you used on Kickstarter when checking out, the website will allow you to redeem your LunchEAZE at no charge.

(See LunchEAZE.com for detailed information)

Stretch Goals

When we started our campaign, it was already after going through several design iterations of LunchEAZE. We don’t believe in launching anything incomplete, so we didn’t leave much out to begin with. 

Like an insulated bag? Already included. Stitched logos? Already there. Mobile app? Done. High quality graphic labels with embossed buttons? Yup. 36 color combos at launch? Hell yeah. BPA free everything? You bet.

But the community had such excellent ideas, we’ve incorporated them into our stretch goals:

Piece of cake! Were you all backers or bakers?
Piece of cake! Were you all backers or bakers?
Freshness comes first
Freshness comes first
Vroom Vroom
Vroom Vroom
Let's make sporks the new 'thing'
Let’s make sporks the new ‘thing’
All gold everything?
All gold everything?


This is not our first product, but it is our first Kickstarter. We want to be as transparent and clear as possible, and we encourage you to reach out with any questions! Contact info@luncheaze.com

Product manufacturing is not a new task for us. In fact, building complex products in volume is what we specialize in. What we haven’t done, however, is mass consumer launches before– LunchEAZE is our first product with such a wide market (everyone eats, right?). There’s some growing pains to deal with there, but we’ve already accomplished the milestones leading up to that.

We anticipate the first batch will be slower to produce than the future batches, which is why we’ve limited the numbers of reward packages available to help keep the demand under control.

Our launch date is May, and we’re anticipating being able to make that date (this Kickstarter’s funding goes mostly towards the initial equipment and materials, and so we’ll be able to turn around quickly after the campaign finishes). But, if there’s any reason we need to change this launch date, you’ll be the first to know! We want to be proud of our first Kickstarter, and so communication is a top priority of ours.